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Is this you?

Are you burdened with crippling student loan payments that are preventing you from saving, buying a home, or making ends meet? Have you taken a deferment and seen your loan amount increase? If you have trouble meeting your monthly payments,

National Student Loan Servicing Center

You’re not alone

Fifty nine percent (59%) of the 37 million graduates with student loan debt are in their 30s or older (Source: FRBNY). Many will be making payments when they reach retirement age. In just the last eight years, student loan debt

National Student Loan Servicing Center

There is hope

If you want to avoid the grim situation faced by millions of Americans, you’ve come to the right place. We help graduates just like you qualify for better student loan repayment programs. Working with us, you’ll be able to save

NSLSC is dedicated to helping our customers understand their student loan repayment options better.

We assist clients by helping them process the necessary paperwork for Federal loans, including plus, Perkins, and all other types. Our Processors provide a confidential, one-on-one consultation session to determine what program is right for you.

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Important Fact Students Must Read!

Important Fact Students Must Read!

At the end of 2013, national student debt was greater than $1.2 trillion. Yes, trillion. That’s six percent of the entire national debt. Two-thirds of students around the country had to take out student loans last year, and the average

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What Students Said…

The customer service at National Student Loan Servicing Center has been very helpful. They have made an effort to make sure I know what is happening and try to explain the process of the debt consolidation as thoroughly as possible. I appreciate their assistance and overall very happy with the customer service.

Sean B - UCLA

I would like to take this opportunity, to thank National Student Loan Servicing Center, for consolidating my student loans. The first stage has been a wonderful success in substantially lowering my monthly payments. I look forward to continuing to work with you. Thanks!

Nicole K - NYU